IT Services

Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Our IT infrastructure are design in such a way, where we meet all the expectation that requires a robust, scalable and Reliable IT infrastructure.

Maintenance and Repair

Some of the preventive maintenance are performed to avoid failures where we pinpoint and fix problems before they create downtime.

Upgrades and Procurement

We can assist you with right specification which is suitable and cost effective with accordance of the requirement. Ensuring compatibility and which will work together with your existing infrastructure.

Cyber Security

We do go down deep inspecting into your networks and infrastructure to make sure your organisation is fully secured from all aspect of threats as cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated.

Support and Training

We are specialist service desks who provides pro-active support via Emails, ticketing system, Telephony support, Remote support and on-site support. We do make sure all our clients are up to date with new technology as we are aware how difficult it can be, to work, when you are asked to integrate yourself with new platforms using new technologies.

Email, Collaboration and Cloud Services

Email communications aren't dead, but social networking, cloud storage and collaboration tools have made it easier for employees to work together.

Internet & Connectivity

We provide internet lines for small and large Business sectors, where we monitor and keep those services up to date and smooth running. If any Outage is planned, we let our clients know in advanced so they can be prepare themselves.

Depending on Clients requirement of Internet Usage, we guide them to correct price plan for Broadband, Leased Lines, and Fiber Services.

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